Saturday, 27 August 2011

Titled: Rear Gunner.

So after a few days working on other drawings I'm back on track building up this fantastic portfolio.
This is my latest drawing of a Rear Gunner on board a Chinook finished last night, it took me just over 10 hours to complete.
In the last 72 hours I've clocked up an amazing 32 hours of drawing time... go ME !!
I rather like this drawing as it's very striking and you kind of get drawn into it. One of the things I love to do in my drawings is to get them to look as if they a photograph.. & I believe I nailed it with this one !!!
This project really is testing my artistic talents, which is great I feel I am learning and improving with every drawing.
So I now have 6 drawings complete, I think its now time to put some plans together and organise 'getting this show on the road' as they say.
If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this project feel free to share them with me, after all this portfolio is all about raising as much funds as possible for charity to help & support the British Armed Forces.

Thanks for looking in..